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SHOEI never stops in its pursuit of excellence, resulting in the development of the all new X-SPR Pro.

The design is fully focused on high performance riding with the all-new aeroform design providing aerodynamic performance at speeds in excess of 350km/h.

The innovation behind the X-SPR Pro is not limited to its exceptional aerodynamic performance; revised dimensions around the eye port provide a wider upper field of vison, particularly important when riding at extreme lean angles.

The XSPR-Pro has been designed to give the rider a winning advantage.



  • ECE 22.06/FIM Certified
  • Integrated spoiler and wings
  • New aerodynamic channels
  • Newly developed rear stabilizer
  • Wider eye port for increased vision
  • CWR-F2R visor with central locking mechanism
  • New completely modular interior system
  • Independently adjustable centre pad system
  • Cheek pad angle adjustment system
  • Ventilation system optimised for high performance riding
  • Multi density EPS liner construction
  • Integrated moulding for hydration system
  • 4 different outer shell constructions


The aerodynamic shape enables the wearer to focus on the riding even at very high speeds. The shape of the helmet shell was designed in pursuit of the highest level of aerodynamic performance. The X-SPR Pro has more enhanced aerodynamic performance compared the XS3 thanks to an uncompromised attention to detail, with more than 150 shape changes made through the wind tunnel testing process. SHOEI’s superior helmet shell moulding technology has enabled the bottom part of the helmet to be distinctly narrowed from the chin bar to the rear, and together with the updated shape of the rear stabiliser and rear flap, the stabilising effect has been greatly enhanced.

The newly developed rear stabiliser takes air into the tunnels on the upper left and right, exhausting the air backward through the rear stabiliser and the back of the rear flap. This results in a more aerodynamically balanced shape. In addition, pronounced edges on the left and right sides of the top of the helmet combined with the concave top surface of the stabiliser provide enhanced aerodynamic performance. This area stands out in terms of the helmet design itself making the helmet balanced both style and safety. SHOEI made these features possible with collaborative efforts by bringing the ideas from its production, testing and development teams.


The newly designed CWR-F2R shield/visor provides a wider range of upper field vision, particularly important on racing machines with extreme lean angels. MotoGP riders, including world champion Marc Marquez, have expressed their appreciation of the wide field of vision. This contributes to the safety of those who slide their elbows on the tarmac such as MotoGP / WSBK riders. The X-SPR Pro features a central shield/visor locking mechanism. When the shield/visor is closed, the seal is more secure than ever, preventing wind noise and keeping rain and wind from entering the helmet. The centre locking section has a double shield locking mechanism that greatly reduces the risk of accidental shield/visor release in the event of an accident

Additionally, the shield base plate section is equipped with a newly designed trigger lock mechanism. Activating this function locks the trigger lever on the base plate, preventing the shield/visor from opening due to an impact of a crash.

PINLOCK® PIN is used in conjunction with the tear-off button and is positioned outside of the rider’s field of vision, allowing for a wider view even when PINLOCK® EVO is installed. This gives the rider an even more concentrated riding experiences during the race.


The independently adjustable centre pad system has been further refined from the previous model. Each pad is shaped like a pocket, allowing the rider to customise the fitting to their own head shape, including adjustability at the front and back, and left and right widths. Cheek pads utilise the two different angle adjustment system as the previous model, and the area in contact with the cheek is 16.5% larger – providing a more secure fit at the speeds more than 350km/h.


Ventilation system is positioned in optimised locations for racing use. Performance is maximised when in a tucked position. The upper air intake has four intake holes. A total of six air outlets, two each in the left and right outlets and two in the air stabilizer, made the X-SPR PRO possible to achieve higher ventilation efficiency than its predecessor.

The cheek ventilation system, well appreciated in the previous model, has been significantly improved. Ventilation holes have been added in the cheek area for better ventilation performance. The number of ventilation holes on the inside of the helmet is approximately double that of the previous model, this enhanced ventilation enables the riders to race comfortably under the extreme conditions.


The impact absorbing dual liner consists of multiple pieces with different hardness. Upon impact it effectively absorbs the impact in balance with the rigidity of shell. In addition, air routes between the layered structure effectively exhaust hot air and moisture.