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Battery monitoring with the smartphone




“Not suitable for lithium batteries.”


With the JMP Skan Monitor 2 and the new and free Apple or Android app ” JMP BatteryMonitor II” you are able,


…to quickly and easily monitor your battery’s state of charge. Only with a constant,


positive state of charge of the battery is also the full capacity and usability guaranteed.


The positive state of charge also prevents possible premature damage or failure of the battery.


The battery’s state of charge is recorded continuously during journeys and can also be called up later.


The file with the data can be sent by email from the smartphone and displayed in Excel.


So you can quickly see where the charging voltage has collapsed or was too high. A defective regulator can also be quickly detected.


In addition, starting processes (starter, cable connections, etc.) and charging processes (alternator, cables, etc.) can also be checked in detail with the new app.


This saves lengthy troubleshooting in the event of a problem. In case of low battery or other problems, a notification can warn the driver, depending on the setting in the app options.


After the simple connection by means of ring eyelets to the battery and downloading the new Android or Apple app, the current voltage value can be retrieved.


The transmitter can be used for 12 V batteries.

The range is about 10 meters.

The connection is made via Bluetooth. (Only from Bluetooth 4.0; e.g. from iPhone 4s, iPad3 or iPod Touch 5).




The JMP Skan Monitor 2 is ideal for detecting overvoltage > 14.9 V of the alternator before it comes to damage to the battery.


Please note: The new JMP Skan Monitor 2 requires the new app JMP BatteryMonitor II”!



If the battery voltage falls below the minimum voltage, a warning is given that the battery needs to be recharged soon.

– Easy attachment to the battery by ring eyelets

– Power consumption only approx. 2 mA

– No damage to the transmitter or the battery if the polarity is reversed

– Download free app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store under JMP Battery Monitor II

– Voltage recording even while driving. Result can be sent by email. Display of the file in Excel possible.